Ambassador Program

The goal of Wod Recovery Rx is simple… you go and kill your WOD today and we’ll get you ready for your next one tomorrow. That’s the core of our business, and that’s what drives us every single day to do better.

Our Ambassador Program is a little more complex though. We are looking for the right people who have a lot more to offer than good looks and a large social media following.

Ambassadors that represent us have to be cut from a different cloth, so to speak. For instance, we require ambassadors to…

  • Be willing to inspire others with encouragement and positivity
  • Be willing to raise the status quo, bringing others up around you
  • Lead with compassion from the heart
  • Be a person of integrity and honesty

The application process to become an Ambassador is simple. Just click the APPLY NOW button below, and you will be taken to our application page.

Yes, this is a business and it has to make sense for both parties, but understand that every situation is different and we will look at every potential candidate with a unique lens.

Thank you for reaching out to us, and we look forward to meeting you.