Wod Recovery Rx is based in Huntington Beach, CA. As avid workout warriors ourselves, we wanted to bring the benefits of CBD Oil to our customers, friends and family members, so they can enjoy the benefits we do.

The goal was simple… We would provide great CBD Oil products and give a portion of our profits back to charity!

The hemp industry is still getting its act together and things are changing at lightning speeds. Unfortunately, when there is a trend as hot as this right now, it attracts all sorts of people, companies and products trying to cash in and make a quick buck.

The problem with that is quality of products and integrity of what’s being advertised sometimes takes a back seat to making a profit.

We ABSOLUTELY refused to approach Wod Recovery Rx this way…

We knew we had to find a reputable source of products that had 3rd party independent lab testing, the products had to be 100% grown in the USA, and every step of the manufacturing process had to be certified with licensing.

We also had to verify that what was being advertised in the product was accurate, meaning an isolate or full-spectrum hemp extract would actually have all the different cannabinoids that were being advertised. You many not know what this means today, but basically it means you’re getting what you paid for.

So with all the hurdles and obstacles we overcame to find the right solution, we are more than proud of what we introduced to the market.

And everything we launch in the future will follow our core values or we won’t sell it… period!

The next part of our vision was to give back to specific charities that represented two classes… charities that are military based, and charities serving military vets with PTSD or other injuries.

We are forever grateful for the heroic work our military does to protect our freedom, and for all the vets who sacrificed so much so we can sleep peacefully at night.

Our contribution is our way of helping in any way we can, and we are damn proud of it!

Gerek & Hope

Founders of Wod Recovery Rx